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Tommy's Holberton School Projects

Holberton School Projects

Author: Thomas Wang

Holberton School - May 2017 Batch 3


This repository contains my coursework completed at Holberton School.

Table of Contents

Program Description

Holberton takes on full-stack software engineering with a project based approach. We have a mission to cultivate community and encourage innovation. The program covers the major arms of computer science and software engineering, data structures, algorithms, low-level and high-level programming, Linux and UNIX system programming, web front-end and back-end, mobile development, databases, security, system administration, and devops. You will get experience in each of these areas, although the flavor of the experience may change a bit to fit the needs of the industry and your personal preference. Expect the first 9 months to be intense and challenging (we are training you to be full-stack software engineers in two years). You will start with low-level programming in C, and work your way though some higher level languages getting some hands on experience with OOP programming, front-end development, as well as work with system admin- istration and DevOps.

There are no formal teachers, or formal lectures, students are learning by creating and we rely on peer-learning, collaboration and the guidance of our mentors to emulate the work environment. There is not competition at Holberton, students are helping each others and there is always staff with technical knowledge on-site available to answer questions.


0. First Repo
1. 0-Day
2. Sysadmin & Devops - Bash
3. Low-level programming & Algorithms
4. Higher-level programming
5. printf
6. Concepts Shell & Simple Shell
7. monty
8. hodor
9. AirBnB clone V.1